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Field Marshal Instructions & Responsibilities


Primary Function:

The primary function of the Field Marshall is to monitor and report on the tournament game to insure that it happens smoothly and appropriately.

Try as best you can to keep all games on schedule. Starting games on time is critical to the overall flow of the tournament. The game schedules have been carefully designed to allow for officials to move between fields, teams to have a small break between games and minimizing automobile traffic.

You can stay on schedule and get back on schedule by conducting pre-game activities for an upcoming game before a game being played ends. Teams can warm up, teams can be prepared before the active game on the field ends. If referees are

available for the next game, even the coin toss can be done on the sideline.

Prior to the game:

1. Meet with the Site Director
2. You will be given a yellow vest
3. Be at your field 20 minutes before the first game.
4. Inspect the field and the nets. Make sure sandbags are on every goal.
5. At the end of your time slot, give back your vest to the Site Director

During the game:
1. Monitor the behavior of the fans watching the game and if unruly behavior occurs, go over to the parent and encourage them to behave appropriately.
2. Polite requests that he/she cease whatever unacceptable behavior is occurring. If the behavior continues, the referee will stop the game and give a warning to the coach.

3. If the behavior still continues contact Site Director immediately.

4. If a player gets hurt, the referee will stop the play and waive the coach onto the field to assess the injury.

5. Monitor the situation to see if the coach determines that the player is OK.

6. If the player is not OK, but is capable of moving under their own power or with the assistance of others, go to the player and ask the coach if he/she feels additional attention is needed from one of the trainers.

7. If the player remains down after a reasonable period of time or if the coach
gives any indication that additional assistance is needed, contact Site Director for a trainer and indicate what additional support is needed and the urgency of the support required. If a player is hurt, on or off the field, contact for a trainer. It’s ok to call the trainers for ankle twists, pulled muscles, cramps, cuts and scrapes.

8. For very serious injuries, play will be suspended until the player can be safely removed from the field. Contact Site Director for trainers immediately.

The most important role of the field marshal is to remain neutral and be a calming influence with parents. We have a competitive tournament and parents will get vocal and we must be pro-active to keep parents calm and to enjoy the experience.


St. George FC Winter Cup’s Site Director is Jose Gaona. His phone number is 435-632-7252.

Based in St. George Utah

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